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8:15am - 20/04/2015

There is a difference between "or" and "and/or."

S express
4:31am - 07/08/2014
The S type V6 is the worst car yet tested in the ice cream challenge. Proxmity of heater controls make it an inevitability that you will get chocolate on them whilst changing gear. Test subjects S Type 3 litre V6 manual, Magnum chocolate chocolatey chocolate over chocolate choc-ice. And it IS a choc ice even though it has a stick.
We won't say it
4:28am - 07/08/2014
Not to labour the point, but, well, Anglesey. Who was surprised?
Oh dear.
10:58am - 03/06/2014
11/28ths of the Brands Hatch grid damaged? Nice. I swear, once one starts, it's contagious and they all get at it.
11:53pm - 10/04/2014
If you let a Bear climb out of a V6 S-type on LPG and into a race-bred XJS road car, he will have it completely sideways within twenty yards. And he will blame the car. At least he was awake afterwards.
10:58am - 28/03/2014
This weekend the stars align. F1 coverage ends in time for the BTCC coverage to begin. Steal me a grid girl to hunker down with and you can stick a fork in me all day Sunday, I'd be done.
7:01am - 24/03/2014
Some people are not intended to race, their brain can't handle it. And that's fine, we've nothing against the man who comes last, we support him every bit as much as the race winner, because it's about having fun. What gets on our tits, however, is the man running in last who thinks that if circumstances, machinery, and his fellow competitors would just stop conspiring against him, he'd be the winner, and that by complaining loudly he'll become more talented. Self-delusi
Bad apples
1:25am - 19/02/2014
There is a whole bunch of apples currently waiting to see where the bad one is going to land, so that they can all race somewhere else.
12:58am - 15/11/2013

Bear fitted a set of our old T1Rs to the XJS - and knocked 30% off his commute. We sneer at them now as a race tyre, but on the road...

That special smile
7:49pm - 26/06/2013
If you're going to play your exhaust manifolds as a musical instrument - and it is mandatory - do clean the end first...