AJ6/AJ16 timing ring.

Very prone to failure on both engines, on all models. Originally made of rubbish, fatigue cracking is present on nearly every one of these we've ever seen. Symptoms include sporadic misfiring which defies "roadside" diagnosis. Complete failure also tends to wipe out the crank position sensor and bring you to a dead stop.

No longer available from Jaguar.

We have had a small batch made from billet steel, far stronger than OE. Race-tested to 7200rpm.

Universal fit - please note that some applications have one cutout, some have three. Simply match to your application and file to suit. No skill required.

£90 inc VAT and delivery (UK mainland)

Still intact, but dye-test shows the fractures about to strike. Unfortunately, they are all destined for this problem.


A new and shiny one.

Billet steel, rather than cast from monkey-metal. 

Tested beyond normal limits.