So, with 2010 over and the decision made to sit out the majority of 2011, what does a Kutukan do with himself? Find a good woman and settle down, or build another race car? Both involve anguish and financial ruin, but the car does at least follow a predictable set of rules and logic and won't inexplicably sink her teeth into your index finger in the middle of a perfectly pleasant night out.
So we set about another car, a replacement for Christine, who was our hire car until she got so fast that hiring her out was simply illogical, it would merely have become a mechanism for firing rookie drivers into armco at speed.
Anyway, here is her build story. A more relaxed build, as for once there was no wreck to re-shell, this is from road car to race. By "relaxed" we mean "fast, difficult, and painful."



Making her racing debut at Oulton Park in 2011.




Laying the groundwork


STAGE 2 - Shell preparation and roll cage


STAGE 3 - Suspension.


However, her tale does not end with her completion. She turned out to be a really great car, but a feckless pilot then destroyed her.

We couldn't let the story end like that, so we decided to save her. In the process she turned into something quite different. That story will follow.

STAGE 4 - assembly


STAGE 5 - initial testing.


STAGE 6 - development.


STAGE 7 - destruction.