Jaguar XJS Racing

KACEY - roadgoing 4 litre facelift.

Originally this was meant to be slightly different to our usual car projects, a much more conventional blog.


We bought a 4 litre facelift XJS, intending to break it, but it turned out to be a nice car, so we kept it. It needed work doing to it, and we keep getting in ever deeper, but we wrote about some of it, and took pictures.


The plan was to tell the story, as it unfolded, the rambling tale of our adventures in XJSing on the public roads. But, time passed. And then we accidentally got in very deep. Again!

Part 1 - initial repair. HERE






"Kacey" after her 17" wheel upgrade.


The name is the combination of the initials of two young ladies who asked. We can rarely say no to pretty girls.

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Part 2 - OJS. Old Jaguar Syndrome. HERE





Part 3 - Getting carried away. Restoration. HERE





Part 4 - get your rear in the air and brace yourself. HERE