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The McGivern clan, David and Dermott, have been in training for the "Birkett" by successfully running a Honda Prelude in the "Britcar 500"












































The 500 is a 6 hr race with, three drivers, but just one car. The effort was rewarded with a 3rd in class and completing more than 230 laps of the Grand Prix circuit at Silverstone, remarkable as the car hadn't turned a wheel in anger for a significant period of time, and that one of the drivers was a race virgin, a complete novice.










































The race involved both daylight and night racing, and starting at 4pm it ran until around 7pm in the rain it gave the drivers a new experience. Andy Elliott, who owns the car, had recruited 2 friends to share the experience, Bernie Bowden who has raced his Cavalier in "Future Classics" and Mark Bryant for whom this was a real baptism, as it was his first ever race .










































While the Honda was never expected to be the class of the field, we hoped that reliability would be rewarded. The drivers were tidy and consistent, and the distance was covered with amazing ease, barely 1/2 a litre of oil, no coolant loss, and only 2 slick and 2 wet tyres. Consistency and reliability beat many of the deeper pockets. 


Proving once more that to finish first, first you must finish...



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