Kutuka Motorsport North


Kutuka Motorsport North is the northern division of Kutuka Motorsport.


KM is Stewert Lyddall’s brainchild, so you can blame him for the stupid

name. Kutuka is some obscure word in an even more obscure dialect

called Lavali, and means “fast as the wind.” Apparently.


No, we don’t know why either, I mean it doesn’t make any sense, if we

only travelled at the speed of the wind we’d not do very well at all.


Kutuka race Jaguars, specifically the XJS. We compete in the

Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club Toyo Tires XJS Championship, and, to be

entirely fair, we aren't bad at it.


Proper racing, not bangers, not hill climbs, sprints, time trials, but actual

 racing, it’s real circuits like Brands and Silverstone, grids and lights

and flags and 20-odd cars barrelling for turn 1 together. It might not be

what you expect people to do with old Jags, but then you’ve probably

forgotten what TWR did with them back in the 1980s. Throw 30+

Jaguars at any track and you’ve got entertainment coming whether

you want it or not.


Sometimes, just sometimes, the fun turns into chaos, because when a

tonne and a half lets go of the tarmac at 100mph it’s going to be a few

 minutes until the accident stops happening, but by and large it’s

pretty civilised stuff, and we all keep coming back for more!


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