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September 2010





































Bear savages Silverstone!


In a fast but fraught display, Alex "The Bear" Harrison won his second race in a row, adding Silverstone to his tally of race victories this season. Three wins for the Bear equals Lawrence Coppock's total and the pair of them are clearly on for a private little duel to season end as to who can achieve the pointless but important reward of most wins in the season.


The Bear did not exactly make life easy for himself. Starting from pole, which he took by a big margin, he fast established a big lead, which was nearly thrown away as he came to lap Beecham and found himself clutching a gearknob no longer connected to anything, in the resultant confusion colliding with the unfortunate Bob and causing him front wing damage.


Only laps later and with his tyres cooked the Bear throws it off the road at the complex, losing his entire seven second lead on Palmer, and having to retake him for position out of Becketts later that same lap. Bear went on to win by three seconds, instead of the comfortable five we had predicted. Bad bear.



































Lyddall achieved wonders in out-qualifying Coppock and Palmer on T1Rs made of string, setting p2 on the grid, but he lost that on sheer grip deficiency off the line, bringing the V12 home second in class for precious points, that one point stolen in qualifying negating much of the damage done.


Harrison qualified on class pole by three seconds, and then cruised in to an unremarkable class win by 11 seconds, still complaining of handling issues. With a clean points sweep in classes E and D though, Kutuka remain on the march and with momentum as we head for our all-time favourite track, Cadwell Park. Only the class D battle can be concluded there, but with only days to repair and rearm the cars, expect a few gnarly and unpolished XJS being fielded across the board at this most demanding race of the year. We just love it!


For reasons we won't go into, we are packing a pink tutu.





Good news for anyone needing 17" tyres, a limited supply appears to have been discovered down the back of a sofa somewhere!





































































The vast tarmac expanse of Silverstone proves problematic for the Bear. In the absence of any woods he makes do with some grass.



































Only 3 months til Christmas. We hope you're going to have a merry one.