Celebrations are underway at Kutuka after a perfect end to the team's most successful season to date.





































The various championships were up for grabs in a double-ender at Snetterton, only class D had been decided. Lyddall needed two finishes to grab class G, Harrison needed either a perfect set of points on day 1 or two low-placing finishes to wrap up the overall title.


The Martin Robey "Driver of the Year" was also to be determined, but could only be wrested from Rich Dorlin's saloon with a perfect set of results from Harrison and Dorlin ceding points to his rivals.


The class E fight was a straight-up two car race, Bear v Palmer, perfect points from Bear would steal the class, any points gained by Palmer at all, whether in qualifying, race position or a single fastest lap would retain him the class title.


After a dominant display in the wet qualifying session it was Bear on pole by a huge margin, some two seconds, extensive testing having given him the upper hand. A dry race saw Clarke make it to turn one in the lead, and though the flying Bear pushed the monstrous V12 all the way to the flag in race 1, Clarke took victory in the invitation-class car.


With Lyddall and Harrison only out to secure points to cement their championship hopes neither set the world alight, Harrison in particular touring in slowly and waving past anything that wasn't another class D car, losing some 7 positions in the race but taking a clean sweep of points to clinch the overall championship.


Bear's pursuit of Clarke took him some 16 seconds clear of Palmer and leading the title battle as the cars headed into race 2.







































Sadly Palmer wrote off his car in a further non-championship race. Despite having a spare car he was, for reasons we don't understand, not allowed to race that machine despite the agreement and signature of each driver. This left Bear, nursing a broken subframe, able to take a fairly serene cruise to an overall third place in race 2, nearly 3 seconds per lap off his own race pace to secure a perfect set of points and win the class E championship.


Lyddall risked much in his fierce dice with saloons and XJS alike, but the race finish garnered him sufficient points to win the class G title once again.

Harrison was released to race and set about the positions lost on the Saturday, the additional 2.7 seconds per lap hinting at the pace hidden in the car on day 1. A stroke of misfortune for Dorlin in the shape of a grassy excursion handing the MR trophy to Kutuka in the closing stages.


With this windfall Kutuka are proud to report that their drivers therefore finish the season as 1st and 2nd in the overall championship, class D, E and G champions, and in addition won the Team Challenge and Driver of the Year, some 7 trophies. We are left in the slightly-embarrassing position of having won everything that we entered. Kutuka offer their apologies for this and would agree with roving report Ms Hill that we are indeed "taking the piss." Sorry!


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Season over, Kutuka are out again at the Donnington meeting to see how we are in the dark. See us there. Bring beer!



Somebody, for the love of God, tell me they had a Happy Christmas.