Kutuka Motorsport





July 2010






With nothing better to do, Kutuka North trogged down to Maaallory, that pathetic excuse for a race circuit, to bed in new tyres and brakes.


As is customary these days, Bear set off like a missile, and spent the day annoying people in much more expensive cars, and failing to give feedback on his car's behaviour.


Andrew wrestled his barge round with barely-concealed disdain, struggling with rear grip and threatening to bring a roadworking crew down overnight to make a few tweaks to create a circuit worthy of competing at.









































Suprise of the day was the Bearded Wonder, who consistently set times capable of putting Kermit on pole position last year.


New tarmac at several places on the track did not appear important or significant, however an infestation of ducks did provide entertainment.









































Gerrards is likely to claim victims this weekend, there are a few bumps that seem to have appeared around the track, and Kutuka's money is on a big off at that corner this weekend.


It's enough to make you stay at home.















































Somebody, and we won't say who, borrowed a blue bumper to copy. Somebody, and we won't say who, hasn't exactly returned it in the same state it went.

Some ducks.

Bear leads an impromptu conga

Just some random porn for Dermott


Wednesday test - 21st July