It's quite cold, even by our standards.









































Some basic housekeeping. The regular site visitors will not have noticed, but we have been gradually populating some of the missing elements to this creaking edifice.


There is now a team to meet. There's even been a stab at creating a new blog. Look, there's a new button and everything. The idea for that one is that you, the gentle listener, can for the first time sign up and return fire, have your say.


We've not worked out yet how to turn that into a true "forum" but we are working on it. I'm not very technical, OK?


Some basic reading has also allowed activation of the "video" page, and now we know we can do it, there will be more regular updates, indeed video should now start to appear a little more often, everywhere.


The remaining race reports will follow, soon, honestly, but I've got an actual job I'm meant to do, so I've been chuffing about doing these little bits instead of the 5-hour race reports.







You remember the Kutuka hire car? It was a nice class E car, not a lot of grunt, a little more than standard, but in a good, lightweight shell,the original "Megan" that the Bear put on class pole at the end of 2008? Well, we realised that the stupidly-modified "Christine" that now wins races every time she farts is now perhaps not really hire-able any longer, she'd kill some poor rookie trying her out.










































Sooooo,we're building that original "Megan" once again. A class E shell and suspension, but a nice, useable, almost-stock engine. As a class D enthusiast, and knowing what "Helen" was able to do just with a heavy diet, there is much to say for a "stock" block in a sound body. That factory torque band has a lot going for it.


Construction began last week. Front and rear subframes are stripped and ready for blasting. The angle grinders were first put to steel, we are underway once more.


The name? Well, the most recent suggestion is "Kylie." I would hasten to add that we've not exactly finalised that! We may have some sort of competition.














































There will be at least one from our camp.


There will also be an old face, but with a Kutuka-ised machine in which to do battle. Put his name on the 2011 trophy now...


Oh don't start, we would have helped any one of you who had expressed an interest. We won a lot of trophies this year, and we're not selfish with the knowledge, but if you don't ask, you don't get. Someone asked.








OK, fine, we give in. I hope Christmas sucks.



































From little acorns mighty, er, Jaguars grow.


This shell cost me £1800. It did come with a free XJS and the biggest fuel bills I've ever seen.