Kutuka Motorsport





June 2010




OULTON PARK 12th June 2010




A promising start to the Oulton Park weekend saw Kutuka qualify 1st, 2nd and 3rd, annexing all the top slots for the first time this season. Bear powered the red E car to pole position by over 2 clear seconds, Lyddall sneaking p2 despite the T1R handicap, the roadgoing D class a surprise addition in third.


Although it was never likely to stay that way with the menacing V12 of Coppock and the E car of Palmer right behind, it was looking good for Bear and Kutuka’s second win of the season, his pace advantage so healthy that he could quite comfortably cruise to victory.




































A slipping clutch off the start ended that dream, losing several places. Firing back through he was third by Cascades, and second a lap later, but undone by his own speed. Coppock’s V12 braking for Cascades was on the middle pedal far earlier than Bear expected, and he couldn’t stop the car in time, gentle contact with the V12’s rear bumper broke his two front bonnet pins, and his race was over.







































Lyddall led briefly until overdoing it at Old Hall and running wide, allowing eventual winner Coppock into the lead, which he never surrendered.


Harrison’s D class took comfortable class victory by nearly a minute, running third ahead of Chris Palmer for most of the race before destroyed tyres and a big slide at Druids let Palmer power past to steal the last podium slot.


Not quite the end to the weekend that Kutuka had planned, the Bear’s astonishing pace is encouraging, but just one small mistake as ever can turn certain victory into humbling defeat.


Rest assured, he’ll be back…


Kutuka now lead only the class D championship as we head into the summer break, much work now needs to be done for the second part of the season



















































The Bear loses the bonnet, and with it the race...



photo by Roger Gage.


...and this lovely drift loses Lyddall the lead.


photo by Ken Bell