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April 2010


Snetterton - interim race report













































Saturday 10th April 2010


A quick interim report from the track as to Kutuka's progress.


Lyddall takes class G pole despite using the T1R tyre.

Harrison takes class D pole with ease.

Bear fries the rotor arm after 300 yards and does not qualify, he starts from the back.

Overall pole the Chris Palmer by an easy 3/4 second from Lyddall, leading Coppock, with Harrison 4th. Bear starts 14th.


A mixed qualifying sees XJS and saloons together, but a split race. Gail Hill takes pole for the saloons in a very rapid display.


Tremendous fight at the front of the XJS grid, Palmer and Coppock are able to use the superior R1R grip to pass and hold off Lyddall, Harrison trailing in 4th. Bear comes from the back to reach 5th place by the end of the lap, despite no previous experience of racing rubber, simply swatting D, E and G cars alike without mercy.


Coppock passes Palmer for the lead, and Bear passes first brother Andrew and then team-mate Lyddall to move into third place in what has now become a ferocious 5-way battle.


Sadly red flags end this contest on lap 5 as Gail Hill's saloon suffers an unfortunate accident at Sear, ending up on its roof. The driver is fortunately unhurt, made of tough stuff!


The race could not be restarted, and on countback the result at the end of lap 3 stands.

Coppock the winner from Palmer, Lyddall takes 3rd, Harrison leads Harrison in 4th and 5th.


Class results - G Coppock, Lyddall, Merrett - Merrett DNF with HGF

E Palmer, Harrison, Webster.

D Harrison, Seath, Drage.

All to do again tomorrow!













































We start where we finish, but for the Bear that's far too easy, he fluffs the start good and proper, and drops to ninth by turn 1.


It's a repeat of day one as Bear makes his way back through the field to 4th, but this time the race is less frantic. Coppock takes the lead early and runs for the hills. Palmer and Lyddall hang tight for the first dozen laps in a close race, and the recovering Bear just cannot compete, he consolidates 4th place for 2nd in class and a healthy points haul.


It changes ar 3/4 distance though as Lyddal goes for the pass on Palmer and fails to make it, spinning off the track and dropping 3rd to the Bear, rejoing just in front of Andrew in 5th.


Andrew has an uneventful race, the drag race to turn 1 with Seath keeps him just in front despite the green car's power, and after that it's all over. Within two laps the class D race is over, and by lap 9 Harrison has backed off to cruise to easy victory, finishing some 45 seconds clear of the class in the long 25 minute race.


Coppock wins easily, Palmer settling for 2nd. It's a long season, and with  half points uesterdat it's likely that this race will be everyone's dropped rounds. Bear takes third, Lyddall 4th, Harrison 5th.


Not where we wantede to be, but exactly where we expected from pre-season predictions. Not necessarily in this order though!