Kutuka Motorsport North



 Bear at work on the red car, yesterday.


































August 2010


Kutuka re-tests at Mallory. Pre-Silverstone testing testing. Testing to test that testing will be testing.




































Gloomy news for any modified class car running 17" 235/45s. There aren't any. Inquiries of Classic Spares reveal there will be none available until after Cadwell. Never mind, you didn't want any anyway, right?





After the difficult race weekend earlier this month, Kutuka have made repairs, upgraded a few parts, and swallowed their hatred of that grotty little circuit to return and discover if they should have been faster.











































Yes. As it turns out, we should. The D class car was immediately 2 seconds per lap faster without bothering to even set tyre pressures. Bear was so much faster that even his very old pre-condemned tyres allowed him to harass a rather freaked-out Radical. We don't use good rubber for testing, because you can't buy new ones, remember!









































Testing was cut short when blue lost the brakes, a braided hose to the rear calliper let go, causing a novel approach to hairpin braking to avoid parking in the old pub, but no collision or damage, other than to the pilot's fireproofs.










































Not long afterwards the Bear also cut through his own front brake lines, fortunately only letting go whilst static in the paddock. Bears are no longer allowed to modify their cars without supervision, or they may leave their brake lines unclipped again in future.


Whilst attempts were being made to repair the blue car's brakes, the cause of returning oversteer was discovered. The old diff put in to replace the old diff was equally as kippered, and running at roughly the temperature of a dying star.


Kutuka return to the drawing board. With a hammer.


Fortunately, the ducks were every bit as friendly as ever. And bigger.


Swift retribution is dished out to Roger Webster, caught spying on the Bear's underparts.





































Only 4 months til Christmas. We hope you're going to have a merry one.



































We have checked with the RSPCB, and apparently all ducks are called Charlie, which leads to terrible confusion in the duck world. Fortunately, most ducks are French.



































Mallory sucks. We think a Mallory is a posh male duck.


































The E class heavyweight contenders discuss the meaning of life, the universe, and why they keep drilling holes in everything.