Kutuka Motorsport North



Nothing to do. That usually means trouble ahead.



Playing towards the front is not really on again now til we get to the fun tracks like Oulton and Cadwell, to some degree I have to go and serve time at Brands and Maaaaallory.


I like Brands, but it’s not a D class track, the exits from Graham Hill and Clearways reward horsepower just too much. And I really hate Mallory. If I had a clean tally of points I’d happily sit Mallory out, it’s a short, boring, tedious place to race that brings nothing but crap weather and accidents.


Anyway, Brands build-up is odd, and mostly focuses on preparation for things to come. I need my horsepower back, and then I need some extra. The plan was never to go backwards, but to increase it, but there’s nothing to be done in time for Brands, a lot of background work in readiness though. Another bodykit harvested from Evilbay, and some panels to gather for a certain Bear with a sore head.


The red car repairs obviously take priority, mine works and isn’t broken, that one needs a wing and bumper. A trek to see Chris and a few hours of wrestling, with a hangover I might add, and I’ve stolen a pair of wings off him, bloody road cars are so mindlessly complicated, there’s just no need.


With the red car sorted Helen gets only a spanner check and fluid top-up. I know the gearbox is losing a bit of oil, that’s got to be watched, but we think both cars have the rear bush failing, hence the noise and the oil leaks that are developing. That’s gloomy.


Check of the brakes too, for pad wear, seals etc, and swap the lid on the reservoir, that was losing fluid, the seals in them aren’t much good after the 20th year or so.


That’s it then, back out to be loaded, well early. No modifications planned yet, just load and go again. Full day test at Brands planned, do some proper setup work. We hope.


Not that we’re at all suggesting there’s any damage likely at Brands, but I’ve prepared a spare wing, and we’re carrying a complete bodykit…


Injury of the week – aching shoulders, clearly not as fit as I thought I was, three days of racing and I’m buggered.

Most-played in the garage – the old CDs found lurking in the MG’s multichanger.

Random helper of the week – Chris Robinson.















































Brands '07 - TTRS do nice trophies!