Jaguar XJS Racing


This site is built by an amateur with zero knowledge of all the fancy website stuff that flashier sites have. I mean really, nothing, not a clue.


It's built using a simple drag-and-drop online builder provided by BT, like making a big Word document. It works perfectly in Internet Explorer running on an old copy of Windows XP.


This does, occasionally, cause some issues if whoever accesses the site is using a more modern copy of Windows, or a different browser, or a different monitor with weird settings. It usually manifests itself by text and photos overlapping. It's all to do with the text "layer" and the photo layer synchronizing differently, apparently.


To combat this we have recently changed the way that the text is layered on the page, and newer pages should have considerably fewer issues. It does take me longer, so be very flamin' grateful.


Older pages, well I could go back and re-do them, but that'll take me ages. How about you try accessing them via IE and solve the problem? Boo hoo I can't, I have an Ipad, waah. Well, I don't care. Not my problem.


If you can't see various bits, it may be because you're at work and your IT department block various items, anything that is even slightly useful tends to get squashed, some pages won't even let you see a visitor counter or photo slideshow. Nothing I can about that, that's your problem.


We are slowly learning more and adding new features as we go. We have even looked into a request to do an e-book version. We might even finish looking at that at some point.


For the most part though we're happy as we are, text and pictures and an acid tongue. Deal with it, or go away, but stop whining. I don't force you to come here you know.