Kutuka Motorsport North
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Whilst we’re always making, improving, or redesigning something, there are moments that the alteration we’re making is a really big one, because we’re building a new car.


We’ve done five to date, and seriously reworked another two, but so far no two have been exactly alike. Roadgoing, modified, saloon and XJS alike, there is little we won't molest.


Helen, Christine and Vanessa are the race-winning cars assembled here in recent years.

The build story for each of the cars is here, and there is "Autopsy of an Accident" under construction, a look at how an XJS folds up in a heavy frontal impact.


Jeffery's XJ40 and Comer's XJS are serious reworking of existing cars.


Then there are the road cars, the old, the older, and the older still.....




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