Kutuka Motorsport North




It wasn't always like it is today you know, Kutuka's origins are fairly indistinct, and low-key. Annexing the top 3 spots in qualifying was once just a remote dream, instead of an expectation.













































Kutuka really sprang to life in earnest in 2007, until that point it was mostly just Stewert and his beloved race-modified V12, Eleanor. He had just been joined by the might of the full McGivern clan, but, one fateful day early in ’07, the Harrisons descended on the small Kutuka encampment, and numbers swelled fast. By the 2008 season we were 3 cars, 3 drivers, with a hire car, a 17-tonne twin-deck transporter, and a regular encampment of a dozen people.


Kutuka continues to expand, and there is shortly to be a 4th car, with 3 other associated car/driver combinations a regular fixture.


Kutuka took class G and D championships in 2008, again in 2009, and we’re trying once again for 2010. Class E….well, that’s still being argued.


































With the series largely sewn up for three straight seasons, Kutuka are putting their feet up for 2011, at least relatively speaking, we’ll be doing specific, sporadic rounds that we like, but it’s a year to get on with some of the major build projects we’ve been delaying, see Project X and a possible saloon to join the ranks. That and we might go in search of personal lives that you don’t weld or bolt together.


KMN sprang from the need for a website that was actually updated now and then, rather than an in-house rebellion, so Stew is still our esteemed leader and Kutuka Motorsport is still our parent organisation, it’s just that he’s too busy to, you know, do anything.


Having worked hard to get to where we are, don't expect us to go too far, unless it's to go further...






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Jaguar XJS Racing

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