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Thundercats ho


For those who race the XJS, there's one car to beat. For racers at club level generally, there are only about two Jags out there, and this is one of them.


Eleanor, Stewert Lyddall's V12 manual, Class G champion for the last 4 successive years, race winner so many times that they've had to set aside an entire tree to grow the wreaths, but despite popular belief, she has been a car in deep trouble for some time.


Finally, as the sun set on 2011, her maintenance gnome was finally goaded into action to set about her long-awaited upgrades. Here's the tale of her transition from broken, yet stubborn old stager, into something more thunderous.



Part 1 here


Part 2 here


Part 3 here


Part 4 here


Part 5 here


Part 6 here


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