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Toyo Proxes R888




We don't use the 888 for the XJS series, but they are allowed in the Powered By Jaguar series, so we include them here.


We can only give you the official line on them from Toyo though:


Fast on the track, the road legal Proxes R888 is the most sophisticated track day tyre offering maximum performance. Proxes R888 boasts an outstanding handling compound which deliveries optimum results in the dry and wet. The medium soft compound performs significantly better than most soft compound tyres.


The improved performance over the soft compound track tyres stem from the advanced casing design developed by Toyo's motorsport team and the sophisticated compounds employed .


The proxes R888 is available in a range of sizes and this is growing to encompass even more popular fitments. Latest additions will be added to the website on www.toyo.co.uk


Testing has been conducted at Toyo's own proving ground in Japan as well as the UK to ensure the tyres perform well in more familiar conditions.


Some road legal track tyres have to provide warnings about their use in the wet. Whilst not designed as a wet tyre, the proxes R888 out performs other track tyres here too. If there is a deluge after a day's track action, drivers can rely on it's performance to get home on public roads.


Caution: Careful attention is required in wet conditions due to limited aquaplaning capabilities. As this tyre is designed and produced with competition compounds, no warranty is implied or given.




We were also provided with a basic "setup sheet" by Toyo. We scanned it and here it is for your assistance. Yes, it's a bit tatty, it's been around a bit. And it's small and blurry, but what do you want exactly, it's free isn't it? Well, stop whining then.  If you want a new one, go and buy your own tyres.












Here's the promo video on Youtube:








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