Kutuka Motorsport North


Aluminium front subframe mounts - £40 - £50














































An upgrade from poly mounts for modified-class racing XJS and XJ6 cars. They more positively locate the front subframe, allowing for greater feedback, precision, and predictability.


Not a modification for a road car unless you're truly hardcore, they will make it a LOT more harsh. Legal for modified classes of XJS or saloon in the JEC series. Legal for road use too, but don't do it, your fillings will fall out.


Made by a Bear and his lathe, and can be fitted easily.


Choice of styles - standard flat faced cheaper type or the chamfered and posh looking set above that cost more money. No, we don't usually engrave them.


The chamfered type are made to order as they take a lot of time. The flat faced type are off the shelf.


Just email us with what you need.