Jaguar XJS reshell



Regular listeners will know that Project Comer ended in tears with a hefty crash at Donington Park in late 2012.


That car, Katrina, had seen significant work to rectify serious safety concerns, had her handling fettled, and won the 2011 roadgoing class championship.


The Donington crash ended the life of the shell, but in all fairness we were never big fans of racing a facelift car anyway, we found it a little alien, and awkward to work with, not because it was, but because it just wasn't what we were used to.



The dead shell, however, does not mean a dead car, all the bits are still there, and with the stark choice between finding a new car to buy, retirement, or a reshell, Philip took the latter option.


And that gave us the chance to build something from scratch. And, well, we like that. Cue the music, and fire up the angle grinders, it's that time again....




PART 1 - Strip, salvage and shell. HERE






PART II - shell repairs. HERE






PART III - racing modifications. HERE






PART IV - paint. HERE






PART V - assembly. HERE






PART VI - assembly. HERE





PART VII - final assembly. HERE





The collision that marked the end of Katrina's story. But the beginning of Katy's.

PART  VIII - doing a jig. HERE






Part IX - Requiem. HERE